Class Descriptions

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All group classes are designed to be taken once a week on a day and time that best fits into your busy schedule. We have classes running daily and practice time available to you 5 days a week. If you'd like a custom class designed just for you, take a look at private classes, they can be taken anytime outside of regular scheduled classes. If you're a real keener and want the best bang for your buck we also offer annual memberships.

4 Week Pole Intro Express Class (level 1)

This class is perfect for those who are curious about pole dancing but are unable to commit to a full 6 week session. The class includes: cardio warm-up and stretching, simple pole moves, pole spins, and floor work all combined into progressive, easy-to-learn, and simple choreographed routines taught at a pace everyone can follow.

Pole Fitness Beginners Class (level 1)

This class is perfect for those who wish to achieve a solid grounding of the basics and for those who have more than just a passing interest in pole dancing. The class includes: warm-up and stretching, simple pole moves, pole spins, and floor work all combined into progressive, easy-to-learn, and simple choreographed routines taught at a pace everyone can follow.

Pole Fitness Beginners Class (level 2)

This class is for those who wish to refresh their pole dancing skills or who want to move beyond the beginner level. Level 2 expands on the basic repertoire of moves in Level 1. More difficult pole spins, climbs, static holds and kicks are introduced to challenge your strength, flexibility and co-ordination on the pole. This course is designed to be taken in sequence with level 1. This class is recommended for those who wish to master the basics and to build the foundation necessary for intermediate and advanced levels of pole fitness.

Pole Fitness Intermediate Class (level 3)

Level 3 takes the basic skills learned in Level 1 and 2 and challenges the now experienced dancer with intermediate level pole moves. This course covers preliminary inverted positions as well as more challenging aerial holds on the pole. Students will start to learn the finer details of and controlling the moves with correct technique. If you're wishing to explore the challenge and beauty of this athletic and artistic form of dance, Level 3 is your venue!

Pole Fitness Intermediate Class (level 4)

Upon completing Level 3, this next course takes you to a higher intermediate level, more advanced lifts, new hand grips and challenging variations of inverted aerial hangs, complex inverts, and suspensions that demonstrate flexibility, balance, strength, and creativity. Level 4 encourages you to put together your own freestyle choreography for an entire song. Based on the moves you have learned in the previously completed courses Level 4 challenges you to even greater heights.

Pole Fitness Intermediate (level 5)

Congratulations on completing Level 4! After mastering the basic, intermediate, and more advanced pole work in the previous four Pole fitness classes, you are now ready for the true advanced pole work and choreography of Level 5. In what would seem unattainable to a novice and intermediate student, you will learn proper technique for more advanced combination inverts and suspensions, and more intricate fast-moving routine that demonstrate your improved and well-developed balance, creativity, flexibility, and strength. After finishing Level 5, you will have the skills and experience to perform several dazzling routines! You're as good as or even better than a pro!

Pole Fitness Advanced Class (level 6)

For those who love pole acrobatics and is a daredevil at heart and body. Level 6 offers our most daring and seemingly gravity-defying inverts and suspensions for the most advanced pole dancers! This is a highly technical-driven course showcasing very advanced floor work coupled with very advanced pole moves including: Extended Butterfly, Superman and Inverted Hip Hold, advanced pole suspensions, highly complicated spins, inverts and more! We will show you powerhouse moves that will test your flexibility and endurance to the max.

Pole Fitness Advanced Class (level 7)

Level 7 is a continuation of the advanced moves taught in Level 6, and is for the most advanced students who are addicted to pole acrobatics. Focusing on advanced pole techniques and building upon the moves of the previous levels, this course will include: Shoulder Mount Reverse combinations, Straight Edge Splits combinations, full and side layout mounts, extended holds, and more combinations of the advanced moves from Level 6. Emphasis will also be placed on developing endurance, flexibility, and fluidity throughout the sessions. Completing this level is guaranteed to amaze ANYONE!

Pole Fitness Advanced Class (level 8)

Level 8 is also a 6-week class that combines Levels 5, 6, & 7. For those who have mastered the basic and intermediate pole work in previous programs and want a mix of more intermediate and advanced moves of pole dancing. This program offers structured yet individualized training designed to challenge each student in an advanced learning environment. Students will learn advanced combination inverts and suspensions, more intricate fast-moving routine and advanced floor work. Technique will focus on improving all aspects of Pole Dancing: balance, creativity, flexibility, endurance and strength with emphasis on acrobatics, fluidity and grace.

Master Pole Class (Advanced Pole Jam level 8 and up)

Advanced Pole Jam Classes are also a 6-week session for students who have successfully completed level 8. Fluid transitional movements between advanced techniques will be emphasized. Each session will have different combinations with advanced pole tricks that you have mastered in the previous levels. You are now ready to be a performer.

Spin Pole (level 3 and up)

If you have completed Levels 1 to 6 and would love to work on the spinning poles this class is perfect for you. Our advanced instructors will give you personal attention and help you work with tricks and combos on the spinning pole. Must be intermediate level.

Conditioning & Flexibility (all levels)

This class is designed for pole dancers to gain full body strength. Some examples of what is included are pull-ups on the pole to help you with inversions, abdominal exercises for moves like shoulder mounting, and modified push-ups to help counteract the stress of handsprings on the body. Exercises are modified for all skill levels, so even beginners can do them. We will show you how to do each exercise and how these exercises can help you in different areas of your pole work.

6 Week Aerial Silks & Hoop (90 minutes per class)

This class is designed for people of all abilities who want to challenge themselves in developing a unique skill whilst keeping fit. You do not need to have any aerial or gymnastics experience. The variety of hangs, wraps, twists, mounts and transitions are absolutely endless, and will leave you feeling like you have done a full workout at the gym in a fun way.

Pole Practice (all levels)

Practice Sessions are 1-hour freestyle studio sessions open to all students (FREE to Members and students currently in an ongoing session). Non-members and regular students that are not in a session must pay a drop-in fee of $15. Practice the moves and choreography from the previous lesson or experiment with the moves and variations to create your own routines. Practice Sessions do not guarantee individual poles. Minimal supervision but no instruction provided. Pole Practice is on a first come first served basis and is at your own risk. You may be required to show your practice card and sign-in each time.

Private Class

You can book a Private Lesson or Session and go one-on-one with the instructor. Private classes are available 7 days a week outside of regularly scheduled session Classes, and Workshops.