Li (Owner/Director)

Li is the owner and founder of Ottawa Pole Fitness Studio, she designed and trained the pole fitness curriculum and syllabus to her students and instructors since 2008. Li enjoys the artistic aspect of pole dance and feels that pole fitness is for everyone regardless of age, gender or background. Li brings strength, flexibility and grace into her teaching. Her biggest joy lies in empowering women through the beauty, strength and seductive art of pole dancing. Li is also a certified Yoga teacher and advanced practitioner.


Jillian has an extensive dance background, both as an accredited instructor and as a ballet, tap and jazz performer. She danced competitively for many years and worked with a prestigious professional dance company in the USA. In addition, Jill has also choreographed multiple award-winning dance routines including solos, musicals and large group pieces.


Maria first tried pole fitness four years ago, after deciding to branch out from her regular workout routine. Maria was immediately drawn to the sensual side of pole fitness, and has been passing this skill onto her students for over two years now. Maria loves watching the progression of her students as they build confidence within weeks of their first pole dancing experience.

Richelle (Bilingual)

Richelle loves the challenge of executing advanced pole tricks and is a true daredevil when it comes to her pole work. Richelle has dabbled in every type of dance imaginable, including contemporary and step dancing. She also performed with a professional step dancing company in both Canada and the USA.


Molly is renowned for her attention to detail when teaching her students. She has an extensive dance background, specializing in ballet, and has choreographed a variety of dance routines, including musicals, large group and small group numbers. Molly danced competitively in Australia for years and now, in addition to pole fitness, enjoys yoga, pilates and distance running.

Catherine (Bilingual)

Catherine's flair for strength and dance is a product of pole fitness itself. She's participated in events including the National Capital Pole Fitness Championships 2012, placing first in the amateur division and the Ontario Pole Fitness Championships 2012, placing third in the semi-pro division. Performing on stage gives her the opportunity to express herself artistically something that she never had the drive to do in the past.


Rebecca started with Ottawa Pole Fitness in 2010, and has watched her strength and skill continuously build with the passionate teaching and support from the OPF Team; and now is extremely enthusiastic to pass that same training and empowerment on to other individuals. She has a background in ballet and other various forms of dance. She is specialized in advanced aerial hoop and silks. Being a circus artist has always been her dream.


Abbey started taking pole dancing as a fun alternative workout, but quickly realized that she enjoyed pushing her body to perform different tricks and move to music in new ways. Abbey enjoys a challenge, and pole has since become her preferred way to test her physical and creative boundaries, whether she's tackling a new trick or coming up with new ways to explain moves. When she's not working on pole, Abbey is working on completing her BSc. in Biology and Biotech at Carleton University.


Alyson began her OPF career in January 2012 as the Wednesday night admin, and the chance to watch other students' progress during her shifts was inspirational. Alyson is a classically trained pianist and rock/metal singer, and originally turned to pole fitness as another way to express herself through music. She believes that pole fitness has greatly improved her focus, confidence, and motivation - qualities that have in turn driven her success in music, graduate school, and her professional career.

Alexis (Bilingual)

Alexis first encountered pole dancing in 2010 in Tokyo, where he was doing his Ph.D. fieldwork on popular and underground Japanese culture. With a diversity of experiences in martial arts, dance, theatrical, drag and band performances, pole dance made it possible for Alexis to bring all of these elements together in a sport that combines both sensuality and strength, artistic form and physical fitness.

Our Front Desk Admin Staff

Our friendly bilingual admin staff are here to help you with any questions or purchase. They are available in Studio A office Monday to Thursday evenings from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

Lise Anne

Lise-Anne is a student at the University of Ottawa majoring in Criminology. She has been pole-ing since 2012 and will probably never stop. She also has a passion for photography and cooking/baking.


Karolyne studied audio engineering at The Audio Recording Academy. She has been playing violin since the age of 6 and dancing since 3 years old. In addition, she loves yoga, tango and swing dancing, biking and rock climbing. She has been pole dancing since 2011 at Ottawa Pole Fitness and enjoys aerial silks and hoops.


Melina is currently studying communications at La Cité collégiale. She is passionate about pole fitness and has gone from beginner to advanced in less than one year.


Jane holds a master's degree in Economics from Carleton University and speaks Mandarin fluently. She began pole in summer 2012 and immediately fell in love with the dexterity, skill, and physical aptitude needed to perform in pole dancing, finishing all ten levels at OPF in one year. In her free time, Jane enjoys relaxing in cottage country.